What should I do now?

Have asked, and answered this question several times during this life. Even today, a youngster whom I met several months ago while cycling at the Kadamakudy Islands asked me this question on facebook chat; ‘I just completed my engineering and what should I do next?’. He had to decide between going to Canada to do a diploma in networking, and doing his MBA in India. I am scared to advise people about their marriage and education, because I consider these as very personal decisions, and at the same time I try my level best to guide them to their own right answer.

My career had three phases technical, managerial and coaching. Of these I did exceptionally good at Coaching. Technically I was just ordinary, managerially a kind of good and bad, and as a coach of professional project management I got the opportunity to share my wisdom gained out of study and practice with more than 6000 managers from the best organizations. I love to talk to people, meet people and travel. The same environment day after day suffocates me. I perform well in a boss less environment. During the last decade, I was self employed, and I did the most meaningful work then. When I got a role which could leverage the strengths within me, I cherished doing it, and I flourished with experience. I used the word ‘strength’ here, which is a kind of a paradox. My ability to talk endlessly can be easily termed as my inability to listen. As a project manager, my inability to listen to people was a draw back, where as in the coaching/teaching assignments my ability to talk endlessly without boredom and fatigue came in very handy.

While designing all of us, our creator had definite plans and purposes for us. If I ask the keyboard I am using now it’s purpose, it will not know. The person who designed it had a specific purpose, and only he can give the right answer. Our Lord have given us lot of features like beauty, colour, speech, singing, painting, dancing, writing, mathematics, ……absolutely there is no end to this list. Every one of us is unique. We are custom built for certain purposes with a shelf life of maximum one hundred years. We must sit with the creator and ask him ‘What is the purpose of my life?’. Be grateful for all the talents he has given…and seek his guidance and cast your net.

God bless you.



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