The reference power

At the workplace we have different kinds of powers like;

Expert power

Positional power 

Coercive power

Referent power 

Of these the best form of power which nobody can take away from us the expert power. If we are good at something, people will respect us for that. Others may respect us for the positions we hold, the car we drive, the dress we wear, the status symbols we possess. This is termed as the positional power. The respect is not for the real us, but it is for the other superficial and temporary things we hold. Once those are lost, nobody will care for us. Because of the expert power and the positional power, we can sometimes coerce others into our way of thinking. This is the coercive power. Then we have the reference power. If we are connected to somebody who is very influential, then we also share some of his power. For example, the managing director’s office assistant. The ministers driver, Gardner. The president’s wife. All these are forms of reference power. By being the sons and daughters of Christ, we have this reference power. Our Lord, is the omnipotent. That itself gives us lot of power. I am the vine, you are the branches, those who abide in me bears much fruit. If I am with you who can be against you. If you have faith as small as this mustard seed, and if you ask the mountain to move from here, it will move….without me you cannot do anything. With me everything is possible. 

All we need to do is to love our Father, with all our might. Surrender to him completely by emptying us continuously, thus allowing God to impliment his plans through us.  He will work wonders. First his reference power will work wonders, and through his power our expert power will produce much more. He will guide us where to cast the net….The yoke I give you is like a lighter than everything this world can give us. Let thy kingdom come, thy will be done through me…


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