• Project management enthusiast / coach / consultant / trainer
  • Like all flavors of project management that can add value to projects
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Worked for project based organizations for a decade
  • Worked for product based organizations for another decade
  • Mentored multiple start up organizations
  • Have provided training to more than 15,000 professionals world wide
  • Have worked very closely with several product development teams to improve their agility
  • Have provided several scrum workshops
  • Have provided several PMBOK based training leading to PMP certification (classroom and online)
  • Visiting faculty at Xaviers Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME)
  • Youtuber at http://www.youtube.com/pmricampus
  • Founder director at the Project Management Research Institute

The journey continues…


0091 9895372115, 8129118111, 9447209070

Whatsapp : 9895372115

email : abrachan@pmri.in, abrachan@gmail.com

PMP online mentoring program 


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