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I am not sure whether I walk to photograph or photograph while walking. However photography helps me to cultivate the habit of seeking beauty in everything around me. Only a beautiful soul can do that. Love you.

My adhaar card

My first agile coaching assignment of 2018 at an MNC product company just 200 km away from home. I was all delighted and raring to go. I was travelling by the super fast train. I was aware that i must carry the original of any photo id. Sometimes the ticket examiner asks for it. During my previous train trip they did not ask for it. For the fear of losing the original during travel, I decided to carry the laminated copy of my driving license. Unfortunately this time the examiner was adamant or dutiful and insisted on the original of any photo id. At least you download the adhaar card of government of India…yes, he said that. Then my work started. Searched in Google to find out how to download adhaar. Downloaded madhaar app from play Store.. and at last I could download it and that satisfied the purpose. Thanks to all those who conceived and implemented the idea of unique identification number for all Indians. Special thanks to my wife who insisted on getting adhaar for everyone in the family. I must say that only Gio network was working from the train. It was a moment when the same projects I was against, came for my rescue at a critical time. Thanks to the young and dutiful ticket examiner Unnikrishnan for teaching me about eadhaar and changing professional attitude of the millennial Indians.

Unboxing PMBOK Version 6 #1

Improved clarity, that is the first impression. Then there are 49 processes grouped into 10 knowledge areas and the 5 process groups.

10 knowledge areas

  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project schedule management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management
  • Project resource management (In the earlier version, this was human resource management. In the sixth edition, they have combined all resources (man, material)
  • Project communications management
  • Project risk management
  • Project procurement management
  • Project stakeholder management

5 process groups 

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Closing

I purchased it from , and they delivered it in 10 days time (hard copy). One can get the kindle version as well.

The strategic value of user stories

Who owns the product backlog?. As per scrum guide, the product owner owns the product backlog. At the same time, before scheduling the product backlog to production (sprint), a cost benefit analysis is performed by the management representative (finance) to see whether the feature is financially viable followed by a technical committee performing the feasibility study. The stakeholders around the product backlog are;

  • The product owner
  • Technical team
  • Finance team
  • Engineering team
  • Customers

The product owner is the owner and at the same time we have other ‘high interest’, high stakeholders associated with the product backlog. The ‘high interest’ of these stakeholders is directly associated with ‘how committed’ they are to the product.

What is the real purpose of the user story?

As per the original scrum guide, there is no mention about the ‘user story’, and at the same time without details (elaborated product backlog), many products fail. Proper grooming of the product backlog is the key differentiation between a successful product and a failed product, if not between successful business and failed business. It is a continuous collective team work of highly committed stakeholders,  throughout the lifespan of the product. Here is the great opportunity for all the ‘high interest’ stakeholders of the product to work together, than relying only on the product owner. Once we have the prioritized user stories which has passed all the difficult questions from all the relevant stakeholders, then the probability of success is very high. We must embrace fast failure of irrelevant, non-value adding, unfeasible as fast as possible before even writing the first line of code.

This blog entry about trello discusses about the missed opportunity while deciding on their product road map.

Here is a very interesting article about trello’s missed opportunity

Product backlogs, product road maps and user story grooming is too risky and critical to be left to the thought process of one product owner.  There lies the opportunity to collaborate / compete  with other ‘high interest’ stakeholders which include your competitors and followers. Proper attention to this will increase the probability of successful products and businesses.