Beauty of the ordinary


There was nothing unusual for the normal eye to capture, yet the photographer in me was not willing to give up. Once I hang the DSLR around my neck, I must click. So started the search for beauty in the ordinary. I loved the lighting.


Notes to self – The seven habits of highly effective people

Private victory
– Be proactive
– Begin with the end in mind
– Put first things first

Public victory
– Think win-win
– Seek first to understand, then to be understood
– Synergize

Sharpen the saw


On becoming a servant leader

Every leader is a servant first and then a leader. The first step to become a servant leader is to have a grateful heart. Today while coaching a group of young engineers in agile project management using scrum, a sense of gratitude towards my parents, towards my teachers,  towards my mentors, towards my family, towards my business partners, towards the audience  who enabled me to stand up infront of a group of intelligent engineers with confidence and add some value to them engrossed me. A grateful heart, attitude is the starting point towards transitioning into a servant leader. Ultimately Iam grateful to my Lord for creating me for a definite purpose on planet earth and for providing me with the talents to accomplish it.


Beautiful world, here I come..


Stop sitting on the fence..

Iam listening to Joyce Meyer’s podcast titled ‘stop sitting on the fence’. A very relevant one for me personally. I lack consistency. May it be spiritual, or physical life. I lead a very healthy life for a while then I compromise. It is all about the inability to commit to something forever. May it be professional, personal, physical or spiritual. I need help to resolve this vicious circle for ever. I need help and guidance from above to achieve this. I pray for this strength to commit to the noble aspects Do you face similar stuff in your life also?. How did you overcome it?.



I met him at the lift at Radisson hotel Nagpur. His enthusiasm and innocent smile grabbed my attention. He cannot hear and he cannot speak  yet he communicated a lot to me. Thank you gentleman for brightening up my day. God bless you abundantly.


Who is inside the cage?

The man or his dog?